The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is excited to host a variety of events and projects here at the University of California, San Diego. ASME is geared towards students eager to participate in engineering projects, talk to industry professionals, and help with outreach programs.

Human Powered Submarine

The UCSD Human Powered Submarine team is a student run endeavor that designs, manufactures, and races human powered submarines in international competitions. The team provides students with an opportunity to apply theory learned in the classroom to a real world project, in addition to providing opportunities to do computer aided design (CAD), machining, fiberglassing, and SCUBA Diving. Students also learn how to work in groups of their peers, gaining valuable experience in the areas of problem solving and critical thinking.


Rover Team has students design, build and program a robot that must drive over rough terrain, retrieve subsoil samples, transport equipment, and manipulate buttons and switches while being controller remotely up to one kilometer away, as well as fully autonomously navigate an open field to identify, retrieve and return various objects within a set time period.

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