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Human Powered Submarine team designs and builds a fast, safe, and reliable fiberglass submarine that competes in the International Submarine Race, which takes place every two years in Bethesda, Maryland. Scuba-certified students control the submerged and flooded submarine with human powered propulsion. Students working on this project learn essential CAD, machining, and programming skills and gain a deeper understanding of the concepts that they learn in their classes.

International Submarine Race

Universities and independent groups from across the world compete in this race to seek the title of the "World's Fastest Human Powered Submarine."
Each team must design and build a one or two-person submarine using human powered propulsion. This propulsion can be divided into two categories, which are propeller and non-propeller.
With these divisions, there are a total of four different categories of submarines in the competition: one and two-person subdivisions of propeller and non-propeller class vehicles.


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