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The Mars Remotely Operated Vehicular Robotics Team

About Mars ROVR

Rover Team has students design, build and program a robot that must drive over rough terrain, retrieve subsoil samples, transport equipment, and manipulate buttons and switches while being controller remotely up to one kilometer away, as well as fully autonomously navigate an open field to identify, retrieve and return various objects within a set time period. Students work with CAD, machining, and programming computer vision, applying theory from classes to a real-world project.

University Rover Challenge
Each team must design and build a stand-alone, off-the-grid, mobile rover that runs only systems that could operate on Mars. 
During the competition, the rover will be operated remotely from a designated control station from which the team will be unable to see the rover or the site, so all necessary information must be transmitted wirelessly from the rover’s inputs. 
The rover will be required to compete in four competition events: sample return, which entails gathering, testing, and returning a sub-surface sample that has the highest likelihood of containing photosynthetic bacteria; astronaut assistance, which involves collecting and delivering, or deploying, various hand tools; equipment servicing, which requires the completion of dexterous tasks such as turning valves, screwing on connections, and pushing buttons; and terrain traversing, which calls for traversing sandy areas, stony areas, boulder fields, 60° slopes, and half meter vertical drops.

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