Human Powered Submarine

The UCSD Human Powered Submarine team is a student run endeavor that designs, manufactures, and races human powered submarines in international competitions. The team provides students with an opportunity to apply theory learned in the classroom to a real world project, in addition to providing opportunities to do computer aided design (CAD), machining, fiberglassing, and SCUBA Diving. Students also learn how to work in groups of their peers, gaining valuable experience in the areas of problem solving and critical thinking.


UCSD's Human Powered Submarine team has participated in competition a total of thirteen times. The most recent competition was the International Submarine Races in 2013 located in Bethesda, Maryland. Our submarine, "Legasea" competed in the two-man propeller division against teams from Canada, England, Venezuela, and top universities across the U.S. Our propeller based submarine "Inviscid" broke the standing world record of 5.2 knots with a speed of 5.47 knots in 2004, and our non- propeller submarine "Sub-Sonic" broke the past world record of 3.15 knots with a speed of 3.35 knots in 2000.


Goals for 2014-2015: finish building our new non-propeller submarine, 'Finnigan', and use it to kick butt in ISR '15.

Project Information

Principal Members: Andie Lin, Joseph To, Alistair Twombly

Consultants: Akul Aggarwal, Thomas Malphus, David Price, Ray Saraydarian

Competition: International Submarine Race

Interested in Joining HPS?

Does designing, building and racing a submarine sound awesome to you? It sounds awesome to us, which is why we're doing it!

If you want to join the project, don't hesitate to drop us a line or check out our schedule and show up at a GBM or work day.

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